Compensate your luggage transportation with our cooperation with myClimate.

Flying Bag not only makes travelling more comfortable, but also contributes to sustainable transport.

Luggage-free travels make a journey via public transport more attractive.

Thanks to optimally combined transport requests, vehicles work at full capacity and empty runs are prevented.

Our goal is to implement a sustainable logistics network with climate-neutral vehicles for luggage transport in Switzerland until 2030.

Compensate your Flying Bag luggage transport with myClimate when completing your booking.

Luggage transport for air travellers

With our service offer implemented in 2022 – luggage transport for air travellers – we make a significant contribution to the airport- and airline industry:

  • As clients perform their luggage check-in at home instead of the airport, large infrastructures such as Airport Check-ins can be relieved.
  • Luggage-free journeys to the Airport via public transport allow for a reduction of parking infrastructures in the future.