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From your doorstep to the airport – and back

No matter whether suitcase or surf board:
Convenient. Fast. Sustainable.

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Simple booking – in just 3 minutes

1. Book your Flying Bag.

Choose a pick-up window according to your requirements – even outside of regular office hours.

2. Prepare your luggage.

Attach your Flying Bag Tag to your suitcase, sports equipment and the like, then hand it over to the driver.

3. Simply check in.

Pick up your luggage at the Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport and proceed to the check-in desk next door.

4. Kick off your holiday with ease.

Collect your luggage at your final destination and enjoy your holiday.

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Relax and book your way back too.

Book your luggage return journey with Flying Bag too. Check in your luggage as usual at your holiday destination – and let it meet you at any destination in Switzerland.

Flying Bag revolutionises your luggage transport: your luggage is picked up at your doorstep and delivered to Zurich airport. On your way back, your luggage even travels from your holiday destination directly to your home. Travelling has never been easier!

Individual offers

Luggage transportation worldwide –from your doorstep to your destination

Travel entirely luggage-free on all Edelweiss-flights thanks to direct luggage transport to any Edelweiss-destination – and to any destination in Switzerland upon your return.

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Clear Advantages – for you and the environment

Travel conveniently.

  • All across Switzerland – from your doorstep to Zurich Airport
  • From any check-in worldwide to your home
  • Transportation of any kind of sports equipment

Travel expeditiously.

  • Pick-up and delivery window available outside of regular office hours
  • Luggage allocation at Zurich Airport’s check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure
  • Timely delivery to any destination in Switzerland upon your return

Travel sustainably.

  • Comfortable journey by public transport, bike or foot
  • Luggage-free rather than heavy lifting
  • CO2-compensation available with myclimate

Sustainable CO2-compensation

Travel in an even more sustainable manner. Compensate your Flying Bag luggage transportation with myclimate.

An innovative idea

Team Flying Bag

Our manifesto

We travel to be. To recharge. To enjoy. To discover. But all too often, our holiday and travel experiences are disturbed by something unpleasant, complicated, or unexpected.

For that reason we invented Flying Bag. For you. To ensure that you are able to travel stress-free. And in order for your luggage to arrive at your destination safely and on time.

It is this excitement that we now share with you. With Flying Bag. So that travelling becomes more convenient for you and your luggage finds you everywhere, no matter where in the world you are located.

Jennifer, Lukas und Lydia at Flying Bag

Are you planning a holiday in Switzerland? – We deliver door to door

We revolutionise your luggage transport even within Switzerland!

We deliver your luggage, ski equipment and bike from your home to any destination in Switzerland – no matter whether to a hotel or holiday home – at an attractive price from CHF 106.-

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Stay up to date – Flying Bag has a lot in the pipeline!

Our goal is to transport your luggage to more and more destinations worldwide. Keep up with further innovations and special offers with the Flying Bag Newsletter.


We offer our product to selected airline-partners in an initial phase. We are continuously working on expanding our offer to further airlines. Stay up-to-date with our Newsletter.

Without Bag Drop

With a convenient pick-up at the Capsule Hotel right next to the check-in.

With Bag Drop

Travel entirely luggage-free to your destination.

Convincing answers

Safety is at the forefront of our luggage transport. In order to guarantee safety, all our guidelines are in line with aviation laws as well as customs regulations. We make sure that our drivers and key personnel undergo regular trainings, focus on process-oriented operations and facilitate a transparent communication within the Flying Bag team and our partners.

Flying Bag is liable for lost luggage (see General Terms and Conditions).
Flying Bag is liable for damaged luggage, provided that the luggage and/or sports equipment has been packed as instructed.

We schedule our timeslots according to the majority of our customers’ suitability. However, the exception provides the rule: should none of the suggested timeslots suit you, please contact our customer support and we will be happy to check alternative timeslots for you.

If you cannot be in attendance during the agreed luggage collection or delivery timeslot, please contact Customer Support, in order for us to determine a mutually suitable timeslot or an alternative destination. If the indicated location is a hotel, feel free to place your luggage at the front desk for pickup.

As part of your booking process you are asked to choose a pickup timeslot. You are going to receive a text message from us 6 to 24 hours prior to your scheduled timeslot in order to determine a pickup window of 2 hours. This also counts for the delivery to your home address.

Yes, one Flying Bag Tag (which you will receive via postal shipping) must be attached to each item.

Please call us at +41 44 244 50 90 – we will take care of your request as soon as possible. Should you not be able to reach us, please leave a message and we will call you back immediately.

Tickets for public transport must be purchased separately.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support via phone (+41 44 244 50 90) or e-mail

The price of your luggage transport is calculated on our booking platform on page 2. Once you have filled out your flight date, destination and postal code, click “Continue”, choose the number of items you would like us to transport for you and your price will be calculated.

You can cancel your luggage transport free of charge up to 48 hours prior to your luggage pick-up. In case you need to cancel up to 24 hours prior to pick-up, you get a 50% refund. A cancellation of less than 24 hours unfortunately is non-refundable. For further details please see: General Terms and Conditions.

Yes, you can send as many luggage items as you want. Please note that should the number of luggage items exceed 15 items, we may have to adjust the pick-up slot according to the pick-up location.

Please find a detailed list of items in our Luggage Rules.

Bike cases (hard cases), bike bags or cardboard packaging (please leave an opening in order to facilitate lifting/handling) are required, in case Flying Bag shall account for possible damages. Cases are to be organised by the client prior to pick-up.

Yes, there are weight and size restrictions depending on your luggage type. Go to Luggage Rules

Yes, sustainability is of great importance to us. Our luggage transport allows our clients to travel to the airport via public transport and save CO2. At the same time, you as our client have the opportunity to compensate your luggage transport with myclimate.

Luggage transport incl. Bag Drop means that Flying Bag will take care of checking in your luggage with the airline. Your luggage will already be on the aircraft once you board it.
Luggage transport excl. Bag Drop means that Flying Bag delivers your luggage to the pick-up point at the Capsule Hotel next to Check-in 1 at Zurich Airport. You will collect your luggage at the Capsule Hotel and proceed to check in your luggage by yourself.
We are working on expanding our partnerships with further airlines in order to offer luggage transport incl. Bag Drop with multiple airlines.
Please find a current overview here.

Check-in comprises the entire process prior to your flight including validation of booking, allocation/confirmation of seat, luggage drop-off at the check-in desk as well as validation of documents (passport, ID, visa, COVID-certificate, etc.)

Over the past few years, the check-in process prior to departure has changed a lot – mostly in order to increase efficiency at the check-in desk. For that reason most airlines offer Web Check-in. You can undertake all applicable processes (with the exception of the physical luggage handover) via Web Check-in. The only reason which you have to queue at the check-in desk for is to drop off your luggage. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic this physical contact at Bag Drop is used for a documents check.

As you are not in attendance during your luggage’s check-in at the airport, the airline will hand over your baggage receipt to Flying Bag. We will inform you about your receipt’s luggage number via your personal Flying Bag Cockpit.

Yes, Flying Bag and the airport personnel ensure that your luggage is delivered to your final destination. The check-in staff knows your name as well as your airline booking reference and thus your luggage transport to your final destination is ensured.

Your first lag is relevant for check-in. Since your name and airline booking reference are known by the check-in staff, your luggage transport to your final destination is guaranteed.

You are required to check in online at least 4 hours prior to your flight. Flying Bag does not have the ability to check you in for your flight and merely takes care of your luggage check-in (bag drop). In order for the airline to accept your luggage, you must conduct a Web check-in.

All luggage items arrive at Zurich Airport at least 2 hours prior to departure. We add a safety margin for traffic jams and other unforeseeable delays to each transportation process.

Please note that all terms and conditions provided by the airline as well as Swiss customs apply. Flying Bag luggage is subject to the regular security regulations in place.

Please respect the airline’s regulations. We kindly ask you to pack your luggage according to the instructions provided by the airline and to ensure it does not exceed the maximum size and weight. Flying Bag transports bulky luggage that is in line with the guidelines provided by the airline.

In any case. We set a high value on safe luggage transport. In order to guarantee the safety and high quality of our service, we regularly train our drivers. At the same time, we have process-oriented operations and foster straightforward and transparent communication within the entire Flying Bag team.

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When booking, you choose a pickup and delivery slot. 6 to 24 hours before the pickup, we will send you an SMS with a pickup time slot accurate to 2 hours. The same applies to the return trip for delivery to your home address.

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We have scheduled our time slots to be as convenient and comfortable as possible for the majority of our customers. But the exception proves the rule: If no offered slot fits for you, please contact the customer support and we will check what alternatives we can offer you.

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If you are unable to be there when your luggage is delivered, it is best to contact Customer Support so that we can arrange a new time or an alternative pickup and delivery location together. If the delivery or pick-up address is a hotel, you can leave your luggage at the hotel.

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Yes, a Flying Bag Tag must be attached to each piece of luggage that we send you by mail. If you do not receive the bag tag by mail within 3 days after your order, please contact us.

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Flying Bag is liable for lost luggage (see General Terms and Conditions). Flying Bag is liable for damaged luggage, provided that the luggage and sports equipment were packed according to the regulations. For airline luggage, the responsibility passes to the airline after check-in. If a piece of luggage is lost with the airline – or if it is damaged during transport by the airline, the loss / damage must be reported directly to the airline. Our customer support will be happy to assist you with any uncertainties or further questions.

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You can calculate the price for your luggage transport on our booking platform. The price consists of a flat rate and the number of luggage pieces.

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Tickets for public transport are not included in the price and must be purchased separately from SBB.

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You can cancel the luggage transport free of charge up to 48 hours before pickup. In case of cancellation up to 24 hours before pickup, you will receive 50% refund. If you cancel less than 24 hours before pickup, we cannot give you a refund. Please also see our terms and conditions.

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One way transports are only bookable online for flight luggage. For luggage transport door to door within Switzerland one way bookings will be available soon. Write us an email or call us for a one way booking in Switzerland. We will make the booking manually for you.

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Our Customer Support is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 17:00 by phone (+41 44 244 50 90). Of course we are also available by mail at or you can leave us a message outside these phone hours and we will call you back. In urgent cases you can press “2” to get connected to the duty officer.

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