Revolutionise your luggage transport

From your doorstep to any destination worldwide – and back

From your home to your destination worldwide

No matter whether suitcase, bike or diving equipment. Have your belongings picked up and conveniently delivered to your destination airport.

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From your home to the airport – and back

No matter whether backpack, surfboard or buggy. Travel to the airport luggage-free and proceed to check-in directly.

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Flying Bag revolutionises your luggage transport. Your bags are collected from your doorstep and delivered to the airport or to your destination worldwide – safely, reliably and on time. Even on your way back does your luggage travel from the airport to your doorstep. Travelling has never been more convenient!

Clear Advantages – for you and the environment

Travel conveniently.

  • From your home to Zurich Airport or your destination
  • From any check-in worldwide to your home

Travel expeditiously.

  • Pick-up and delivery window available outside of regular office hours
  • Convenient luggage receipt upon arrival at your destination

Travel sustainably.

  • Comfortable journey by public transport, bike or foot
  • Luggage-free rather than heavy lifting
  • CO2-compensation available with myclimate

Sustainable CO2-compensation

Travel in an even more sustainable manner. Compensate your Flying Bag luggage transportation with myclimate.

Stay up to date – Flying Bag has a lot in the pipeline!

Our goal is to transport your luggage to more and more destinations worldwide. Keep up with further innovations and special offers with the Flying Bag Newsletter.

An innovative idea

Team Flying Bag

Our manifesto

We travel to be. To recharge. To enjoy. To discover. But all too often, our holiday and travel experiences are disturbed by something unpleasant, complicated, or unexpected.

For that reason we invented Flying Bag. For you. To ensure that you are able to travel stress-free. And in order for your luggage to arrive at your destination safely and on time.

As current and former Senior Managers at Zurich Airport travelling is in our blood. It is this excitement that we now share with you. With Flying Bag. So that travelling becomes more convenient for you. And so that your luggage finds you everywhere, no matter where in the world you are located.

Jennifer, Lukas and Lydia at Flying Bag